Micro Brewed Soda

Our microbrewed sodas are made in very small batches using pure artesian well water (not filtered water), cane sugar (not corn syrup), and natural extracts (nothing artificial).  We microbrew these ingredients to bring you great tasting sodas that complement our ice cream drinks or taste great by themselves.


E&B’s Rock It Root Beer GourmetRootBeer.com says: “This is a very unique brew. The Body is rich and full but not dark. It’s sweet and crisp from the cane sugar and there are hints of vanilla coming through. It tastes great! The Bite is strong from a combination of spices and the carbonation. The carbonation releases suddenly from the liquid and gives a slight acidic flavor and burn as it bites you. The Head is very strange. It is very dark colored and bubbles up quickly to a medium height. Then, rather than fizzing away, the bubbles coalesce into larger and larger bubbles before the one large bubble pops. This all happens in about 10 seconds and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It seems that their carbonation process is different than the normal method (water and CO2 are separate ingredients rather than carbonated water) and that may have something to do with it. The After Taste is sort of spicy caramel with some vanilla. It is really good…this brew does taste great and it would make a wonderful root beer float.”