Ice Cream Pizzas & Novelties

The ice cream magicians at Emack & Bolio’s have concocted a creative collision of food and flavor with the launch of the Ice Cream Pizza. A hybrid of dreamy pleasures, the Ice Cream Pizza is a totally unique and outrageous “Sundae in a Slice” made with a rich brownie crust, creamy vanilla bean speck ice cream, our famous hot fudge and marsh ‘mellow.’ Remaining true to our Rock & Roll roots, Emack & Bolio’s tops off it’s Ice Cream Pizza with a chocolate peace sign, chocolate raspberry “bleeding” hearts and cosmic stars and moons.

Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream Pizza is the perfect summertime treat for parties, cookouts and special occasions, a crowd- pleaser for both children and adults.  The Ice Cream Pizza measures 12” x 12” and serves between 12 – 15 adults or 15 – 18 children.