Stuff Magazine – Hot 100 HOT STONER HEAVEN: Emack & Bolio’s Sundae in a Slice

Stuff Magazine – Hot 100 HOT STONER HEAVEN: Emack & Bolio’s Sundae in a Slice

Stuff Boston Writes:

“School D.A.R.E. programs never revealed the most common dangers of getting high. One, joints make us ravenous. Two, we wind up too lazy to actually cook anything. And three, that lamp in the corner is totally laughing at us. While we haven’t found a solution for pot-induced paranoia, gluttony and sloth have found a cure-all in this new sinful sundae. It’s a 12-by-12-inch “ice-cream pizza” with a brownie crust and yummy toppings. And by calling any Boston location of Emack & Bolio’s (see the full list at, lazy stoners can get it delivered via the just-launched “Cosmic Cruiser,” a motorcycle with a freezer sidecar painted in psychedelic patterns. That seems fitting, since the Boston-based ice-cream brand was founded by a hippie: attorney Bob Rook, who frequently worked with activists, rock musicians, and homeless clients, started Emack & Bolio’s in a Brookline basement in 1975. His chain has stayed true to its roots, producing a “Free Tibet” ginger ale that raises funds for the cause as well as a new sweet made from Mary Jane candies rolled in chocolate and hemp seed, in addition to ice cream and other munchies. Now pass us a slice (on the left-hand side).”

The Patriot Ledger – Emack & Bolio’s Revs Up It’s First Pizza Delivery Vehicle With Its Own Freezer Sidecar

Jon Chesto Writes:

“Leave it to the founder of Emack & Bolio’s to figure out a way to combine two of the greatest foods on the planet. Owner Bob Rook tells me he came up with the idea of serving ice cream via “pizzas” as a simple substitute for making ice cream cakes. Pizzas, after all, don’t require expert decorators in each store.

Don’t worry, these ice cream pizzas aren’t adorned with mushrooms and anchovies. In fact, they have much in common with the traditional ice cream cake, as pie-shaped concoctions of brownie crust, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and jimmies. Emack & Bolio’s sells the pizzas for $24.95 a pop, and they’re big enough to carve roughly a dozen slices out of them

In the six weeks since the pizza pies hit the market, Rook says they have been a hit for kids’ birthday parties and office festivities. It took him about a year to perfect the recipe and manufacturing process (Rook says they’re primarily made at the Emack & Bolio’s plant in Attleboro).


(more…) – Ice Cream Pizza? Sure, Why Not?

Eric Wilbur writes:

“If fried Kool-Aid has suddenly become the latest craze in San Diego, then why not ice cream pizza?

That’s the latest concoction from local ice cream makers Emack and Bolio’s, who are touting their “sundae on a slice.” The “pizza” is made with a brownie crust, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and marshmallow. Emack and Bolio’s will even offer pizza delivery throughout the Boston area by way of their “Cosmic Cruiser”, a custom-designed Victory Kingpin motorcycle, complete with a freezer sidecar.

The pizza retails for $24.95 and will be available at all area locations. Delivery will begin in July.

As for when we’ll see fried Kool-Aid hit the area, we’ll just have to wait for that culinary revolution.”

Boston Event Guide – Emack & Bolio’s Sweet Summer Slice

“Ice cream legend Emack & Bolio’s has concocted a cosmic collision of food and flavor with the launch of their new Ice Cream Pizza.
A hybrid of guilty pleasures, the Ice Cream Pizza is a totally unique and outrageous “Sundae in a Slice” made with a rich brownie crust, creamy vanilla ice cream, their famous hot fudge and marsh ‘mellow.’ Remaining true to their Rock & Roll roots, Emack & Bolio’s tops off their Ice Cream Pizza with a chocolate peace sign, chocolate raspberry “bleeding” hearts and celestial stars and moons.
This ‘far out’ pizza will never be far away as Emack & Bolio’s will spread the love all summer long by offering delivery throughout the Boston Proper area on the “Cosmic Cruiser”, a custom-designed Victory Kingpin motorcycle complete with a freezer sidecar.
Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream Pizza is the perfect summertime treat for parties, cookouts and special occasions, a crowd- pleaser for both children and adults.  The Ice Cream Pizza measures 12” x 12” and serves between 10 – 12 adults or 14 – 16 children. The Ice Cream Pizza retails for $24.95 and is available in-store and by delivery at all Boston locations.  Delivery will begin during the month of July.”

Urban Daddy – Cool As Ice: Ice Cream Pizza Right To Your Door

“Pizza delivery. 

In college, you lived on it. These days, you half live on it.

But sometimes you crave something a little sweeter. And Hells Angels–ier. And still delivered.

Which brings us to Ice Cream Pizza Delivery, a new pizza messengering service that takes its cues from Häagen-Dazs and that motorcycle chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, now dispatching ice cream pies all over the city.

Basically, if Evel Knievel had made a career turn before the whole jumping-over-tractor-trailers thing and instead devoted his hog-riding days to delivering sweet treats all over Boston, he may have ended up on one of these (okay, maybe not, but work with us here).

So the next time you’re entertaining a small crowd at your apartment for the game and suddenly, all at once, there’s a group craving for a brownie-crusted, vanilla ice cream, fudge and artisanal-chocolates-filled-with-raspberry-liqueur-topped Ice Cream Pizza, you’ll call up these guys.

As long as you’re in Boston proper, the Cosmic Cruiser—a customized Victory Kingpin motorcycle complete with a freezer box sidecar holding up to 10 frosty pies—will roar into your neighborhood ready to complete that dinner of supreme salted cured meats and French wine.

If the driver’s head bursts into flames revealing a skull and a demonic bike, you may have had too much wine.” – Emack & Bolio’s Unveils Ice Cream Pizza

“It’s a culinary convergence, a marriage of chowhound genres that could push food science to new frontiers — It’s ice cream pizza from Emack & Bolio’s, a chain of parlors that markets itself as making “ice cream for the connoisseur.”

But don’t reach for the anchovies just yet. Emack & Bolio’s isn’t using pizza ingredients such as red sauce and cheese. Instead, it views the pizza as inspiration for a dessert delivery platform that can be repurposed to serve as the packaging of a new type of ice cream sundae — a sundae billed as a “hybrid of guilty pleasures.”

According to Emack & Bolio’s, the foundation of its menu offering is a brownie crust, and featured ingredients include vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and marshmallows. Then this melange is sublimed with a chocolate peace sign, chocolate raspberry “bleeding” hearts, and celestial stars and moon, the chain said.

The $24.95 ice cream pizza serves between 10 to 12 adults or 14 to 16 children, the chain said.

Needless to say, such an unusual pizza cannot be delivered in the usual manner. Plans call for this pizza to be delivered in the Greater Boston area by the “Cosmic Cruiser, a custom-designed Victory Kingpin motorcycle complete with a freezer sidecar,” Emack & Bolio’s said.”

Now One-Upping The Food Truck: The Cosmic Cruiser

Alexandra Hall of StyleBoston Writes:

“This may be the summer of food trucks, but last Friday, something else entirely rolled up to my front doorstep: a gleaming maroon motorcycle complete with a World War II-era sidecar that had been painstakingly converted to a freezer compartment-cum-delivery vehicle. And it was full of—uhm, what else?—brownie/marshmallow/ice cream pizzas. Duh.

It was all the handiwork of Bob Rook, owner of Emack & Bolios—the original ‘70s-born bohemian ice cream operation (yes, precursor to Ben & Jerry’s) that’s still churning out hormone-free, insane flavors like “Caramel Moose Prints” (butterscotch ice cream blended with caramel and chocolate peanut butter cups) and, apparently now, an equally insane riff on frozen pizza.

It happened that my four- and six-year-olds were home. It happened they were in the mood for ice cream, which is essentially their permanent state of being. And of course, it happened they went absolutely ape-shit over the delivery. They dove almost literally headfirst into the pie—a brownie-crusted creation, loaded up with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, an epic ooze of marshmallow, and chocolate hearts, stars, and peace signs. Needless to say, sugar rushes ensued. As did requests for more—and for motorcycles as future birthday gifts.

I’d offer you a snapshot of the Cosmic Cruiser, but you really need to see it for yourself:
Serves 10-12 adults or 14-16 kids. $24.95 (plus a $3 delivery fee).”

Story From A Fan!

Our awesome fan Jane just sent this in and we loved it! Hope you guys do too!

I thought you’d be interested to know that my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived in Brookline in the 70’s and frequented your ice cream shop. After college, we left Boston and moved to Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  We had two kids who are now grown, but along the way my husband would tell the kids bedtime stories and the main character was named, Emack Bolio.  Emack was good at getting into mischief and there was always a moral to the story.  Well, the kids are grown and on their own now. A year ago we adopted a kitten from the shelter and we ended up naming him Emack Bolio.  He also likes to get into mischief and adores ice cream.

The Boston Globe – Cool Way To Get Ice Cream Pizza

The Globe Staff Writes:

“If you’ve ever thought of ordering an ice cream pizza and having it delivered by a costumed driver astride a motorcycle kitted out with a freezer sidecar, you’re in luck. That whole package – pizza, driver, bike, sidecar – has just been launched by the Boston-based ice cream chain Emack & Bolio’s. Owner Bob Rook, who in 1975 opened the first location in a Brookline basement as a place for musician friends to hang out, designed the new pizza. “I’m from the ’60s generation,’’ he says, “so for me, it’s what I would want in an ice-cream pizza.’’ The $24.95 extravaganza (add a $3 delivery fee; delivery only in Boston) feeds 12 to 16. It begins with a brownie crust topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, marshmallow sauce, and chocolates in the shape of hearts, stars, moons, and peace signs. The brownie, fudge sauce, and chocolates are all house-made. You can pick up the ice cream pizza at most locations, but it’s cooler and more fun to have it delivered by the Cosmic Cruiser, as the special motorcycle has been dubbed. “Everything we do is very cosmic,’’ notes Rook. That spectacle will surely enhance your backyard gathering. Emack & Bolio’s locations include 140 Brookline Ave., 617-262-1569; 255 State St., 617-367-0220; 8 Park Plaza, 857-350-3441; 290 Newbury St., 617-536-7127; and 100 City Place, Charlestown, 617-337-3571. Or go to”

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