International Scoops Are High!

International Scoops Are High!

With Emack & Bolio’s now open in three different countries (USA, UAE, and Thailand) its amazing to see what the response is to people who have never seen anything like it!

There is no shortage of love for our flavored cones in the US with pics posted all over social media just like this:


Thailand however is taking it to a new level. It is almost as if there is an unspoken competition as to who get the most scoops to fit on that cloud marsh”mellow” goodness. Check out this picture of someone going for the gold (10 SCOOPS):


Local media has picked up this trend as well. Check out some of the great press we have been getting by clicking here.


Starting 2014 By Winning Best of 2013!

Check Out the newest editions to our Awards Collection:




Channel 7 – The Dish: Ice Cream Pizza

Check out our segment on Channel 7!

Fox News

Check Out Founder Bob Rook on Fox News showing off the new Ice Cream Pizza!

A Small Collection of Accolades And Awards From Throughout The Years!

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas

After winning the Stanley Cup in 2012 Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas was featured in the Boston Edition of ESPN Magazine. He told them his favorite place in Boston, and let them capture a photo him enjoying it. Can you guess what place that is?


Travels with Burt Wolf

Burt Wolf (r) of the PBS TV show “Travels with Burt Wolf” and Bob Rook enjoy E&B after filming a segment for the program. The New York Times has described Burt’s shows as the “best food and travel related series on television”.

NECN TV Diner: Destination Emack & Bolio’s

“(TV Diner) – The next time you find yourself at Emack & Bolio’s, skip the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and go for something totally out of this world! It’s called the Ice Cream Pizza, and it can be yours anywhere in Boston Proper by way of a one-of-a-kind Cosmic Cruiser.”

Food Truck Festival Of New England


City’s Best

Jacki Morisi writes:

 “Ice-Cream Pizza at Emack & Bolio’s: Boston based ice cream legend Emack & Bolio’s has a new frozen treat they’ll be serving up this summer — the Ice Cream Pizza! A combination of brownie, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, candied toppings and more, this dessert’s perfect for sharing or slicing up into the perfect personal dessert. E&B’s is even doing their part to spread the love by offering delivery throughout the Boston area in a custom-designed Victory Kingpin motorcycle complete with a freezer sidecar.”