Going Mobile


The infamous E&B, 1973 Chevy Moosemobile. Inspired by Ken Kesey and painted in 1983 by E&B artist Dan Joy. It took Dan 1 year to paint it! One side of the Moosemobile shows E&B mascot Stoney The Chocolate Moose hangin’ out on the beach. The other side is adorned by classic E&B flavors. The Moosemobile was used to give away ice cream at Grand Openings and charitable events.  It was never used to sell ice cream.

The Moosemobile was dismantled in 1999 (“it’s better to burn out than it is to rust”) and pieces of it are now displayed in different E&B shops. The back panel of The Moosemobile along with the driver’s seat now resides at The Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, FL.


The Emack Mobile

This cosmic Ice Cream Truck blasts around town to share Peace and Love with those who are out and about. It can also be found at various festivals to provide the perfect cool down on a hot day when you are just too far from a store!


Stoney’s Ride

Today, we make our deliveries in a Chevy Silverado that highlights Stoney’s official Rock Star behavior!

The Cosmic Cruiser

Then of course there is the official delivery vehicle for our Ice Cream Pizzas; The Cosmic Cruiser. A tricked out Victory Kingpin Motorcycle with a customized freezer sidecar, making sure your Ice Cream Pizza is delivered cold even on those hot summer days!