Hand-Made Chocolates and Fudge

Hand-Made Chocolates:

E&B Master Chocolatier, Michael Murphy, has been making hand-made chocolates for over 20 years! He makes and dips over 100 varieties of unique funky chocolates which can be purchased in our shops or online.


To order a Chocolate Box online please click  HERE!


In addition to our outrageous chocolates ranging from a delicious Nutella Cup to a rich chocolate dipped Twinkie, we also have the perfect gift for any occasion you have coming up. Two variations of chocolate boxes!

Our Space Gift Box

Features two X-Large chocolate bars with the Emack & Bolio’s Angel molded into them. One bar is a “S’mOreo Bar” with chunks of Oreo and Mini Marsh”mellows” enrobed in Milk Chocolate. The second bar is “Sea-Salted Pretzel” which is Sea-Salted Pretzels enrobed in Dark Chocolate.

Midnight Munchie Stash Box

This box features two X-Large chocolate bars with Stoney the Chocolate Moose molded into them

One bar is “Oreo-Pretzel” with chunks of Oreos and Salted Pretzels enrobed in Milk Chocolate. The Second bar is “Marsh”mellow” Rice-Krispy” and has Rice Krispies and Mini Marsh”mellows” enrobed in Dark Chocolate.

Our Chocolate and Chocolate Boxes are available in most stores and through our online store.

Emack & Bolio’s Homemade Fudge:

When we opened our first shop in 1975, we purchased what was proclaimed to be “the best hot fudge available.” After tasting it we knew we could do bet

ter; much better. We bought a big steam kettle and began experimenting with different combinations of chocolates and ingredients; all hand made from scratch. Boston Ice Cream Connoisseurs (kids, chefs, rock stars, foodies, college students, and all our first customers) taste tested over 200 different recipes during a one-year period until unanimity prevailed. Imagine trying to get a unanimous decision from this group! The result was the same product that we produce today. We have NEVER changed the recipe or the quality of our ingredients. Just heat, top it on our ice cream, and mellow out.


  • Cane Sugar
  • Fresh Cream
  • Imported Dutch Cocoa
  • Chocolate Liquor
  • Real Butter
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Sea Salt

Our Home Made Fudge Jars are available for purchase in our shops and in select High Quality Gourmet Food Stores.

To order a jar of fudge online please click  HERE!